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The Best Summer Outdoor Activities in Austin

Outdoor Summer Activities

Cool off in The Deep Eddy Pool

There’s no better way to enjoy Austin’s rich history than taking a dip in Texas’ oldest public pool, The Deep Eddy Pool. Natural springs feed this pool that was founded nearly 100 years ago as a bathhouse in the 1920’s. It was later upgraded into a resort until a flood destroyed it, and now has settled on being a pool.

The City of Austin does not use any chemicals in this pool’s water, so there’s no worry about irritating chlorine or acidic pool cleaners ruffling your hair. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on the rest of your trip after swimming in the clean and cool water, so be sure to grab your swimsuit before you leave your bags at Luggage Drop.

Beat the Heat with Live, Love, Paddle

For the more adventurous travelers,  Live, Love, Paddle is the perfect match for you. Renting a kayak or paddle board from them offers a unique way to experience Austin. If you’d prefer to paddle in a group, you’re welcome to join them on one of their many tours, offered both during the day and at night.

With the knowledge of your guide and the natural beauty on the lake you will have a memory that lasts forever. They also offer bat watching tours on the weekends which make for many great photo opportunities. Their services are a must try for anyone interested in exploring Austin after dropping off their bags for the day. 

Stay in the Shade on the Barton Creek Greenbelt

Barton Creek Greenbelt is one of Austin’s best hiking spots if you prefer to enjoy the outdoors on foot. With multiple entrances and exits, this trail is a great place to explore South Austin for as long as you want.

We often see animals on the Greenbelt so keep an eye out for stray turtles or look up to catch a glimpse of our grackles. You’ll see people swimming, biking, and even rock climbing as you walk.

You can meet some locals on this trail and get their recommendations for your next adventure. If your bag’s wheels aren’t offroad rated, feel free to leave them at the Luggage Drop.

Get Wet and Wild with Waterloo Adventures

With Waterloo Adventures, there are a number of great ways to cool off from Texas’ hot summers. This water park is located on Lake Travis just northwest of Austin.

Their water based amenities include four standalone water obstacles as well as a 600ft obstacle course. In addition to their water park they offer an island resort style beach area for you to relax between swims.

Between the exhilaration of their water based activities and the private beach you are going to experience a summer day like never before. We recommend leaving your bags with us at the Luggage Drop so they stay dry and you can swim bag free and carefree.


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